Before & After using Seacret mud soap and mud mask after only 1 week

Seacret Weapon To Destroy Acne & Blemishes

Before & After using Seacret mud soap and mud mask after only 1 weekAn ever growing number of people are overjoyed because they aren’t plagued by unsightly blemishes.

How are they getting clear skin?

1) Seacret Mud Soap

2) Seacret Mud Mask

The top 2 acne weapons.  Their secret ingredient?  Dead Sea mud & minerals.  Seacret has the highest concentrations of Dead Sea Mud and Minerals than any other Dead Sea skin care company on the market.   The minerals in the Dead Sea have been prized for centuries.

For a knock out punch to even the worst acne, try the “Best Acne Treatment” outlined below.

The Best Seacret Acne Treatment

Each of the 5 products below are excellent.  However, when combined, they transform into a full-on attack on your acne and other types of blemishes.

1) Seacret Mud Soap
Thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the skin.   Also contains Hamamelis extract which is an anti-inflammatory.

  • Use 2-3 times daily.  Apply in a gentle circular motion.  Rinse off with cool water.
    (Use less frequently if your acne is not severe.  For mild cases, once a  day or 4-5 times a week is sufficient. Daily use can be too drying for those not suffering from very oily skin)
  • Not just for your face.  Apply wherever acne is present.
  • The lather is both softer and thicker than any other soap I’ve tried.

2) Seacret Mineral-Rich Refining Toner
Both cleans and gets rid of excess oils.

  • Use once a day.  Apply with cotton pad.  Let dry.

3) Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask
Gently purifies and cleans clogged pores.

  • Use every 3rd day.  Apply to damp face.  Let dry (usually 20 minutes).
  • Gently remove with circular motion. Make sure you do this and not just rinse it off so you can enjoy all the benefits of the mask

4) Seacret Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel
Cleans and purifies your skin by removing dead cells, leaving it soft and smooth.

  • Use every 4th day.  Apply a fine layer with your finger tips.  Wait one minute.  Massage in a gentle circular motion.  Do not rub. Rinse with lukewarm water.

5) Essential Moisture Face Cream
A safe moisturizer for acne suffers.  It is a water-based, so it will not add unwanted oils to your skin. It also contains vitamins to protect your skin from Free-Radicals.

  • Use once or twice a day

Want Effective Acne Weapons?

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Some people may see their skin get worse, before it gets better.

That’s because Seacret is purifying the skin of the toxins that has caused the acne.  So during the initial purifying stage, while the toxins are being drawn out, it can cause an worsening of your condition.  It won’t last long, and it only seems to happen for some people, not all.

Also, and obviously, this may not work for you.  It doesn’t work for everyone.  But it does seem to work for most people who try it.  See the reviews and photos below and in the sidebar to hear from people who have tried these products.


I used to have pretty bad acne but since i started using this product (mud soap) about 2yrs ago my skin is clear and beautiful! I even made my teenage brother use it and now our mom doesn’t buy any other face wash. This soap is amazing!

– Sayaka 12-15-13

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