Tim Herr on Seacret


Seacret Direct has the good fortune of  having Tim Herr as their Master Distributor.

Tim Herr has been in Network Marketing for 15 years. He has not simply been “in” Network Marketing, he has made $100K a month with four different network marketing companies.

Tim Kerr has vowed to take Seacret Direct to new heights. His mission, what he gets excited about every day, is to propel Seacret to dominate the industry.   Dominate it like no other network marketing opportunity has done before.

Given that Seacret Direct opened its doors with what some would call an unfair advantage in the industry, Tim could very well accomplish his goal of domination. Seacret Direct has the unusual advantage starting fully capitalized, with an already popular and complete product line, and the full support and experience of a wildly successful retail company, Seacret Spa.

Keep in mind that Seacret is all about skin care.

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  1. We are in now in Mexico. So you are getting your wish. I am sure we will be in Argentina soon.

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