Is Seacret A Scam?

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Is Seacret Direct a Legit Business?

Asking if a business is a scam, is a legitimate question.

It is smart to be careful and cautious when starting a business.

Ask these 3 Questions of Any Network Marketing Company:

1.  Is An Actual Product or Service Sold?

To help ensure your own quick & long-term success, the company should offer high quality products with a strong & demonstrable demand.

2.  Do People Earn Money with the Company?

Inquire whether both new and longer term distributors are earning money.  This shows that, if you work your business, you can make money quickly and long term as well.

3.  Does the Company Have Solid and Reputable Leadership?

Do the leadership know what it takes to create, run, and maintain a successful business?  Do they have any kind of track record?

Beware companies whose leadership is dominated by people who have never run a business before.  The biggest red flag is when a very successful and well-known network marketing distributor decides to start his or her own network marketing company.

Knowing how to be a successful distributor is not the same as knowing how to run the business at the corporate level.

The Answers To These 3 Questions Will Reveal Whether Seacret is A Solid Business – or Not.

1.  Is An Actual Product or Service Sold By Seacret?


Photo of All Seacret's  Products
Seacret ‘s Very Popular Dead Sea Skin Care Products

Yes. Seacret Direct offers wonderful skin care products that people use every day and that improves their skin health.

These are real products that have been sold via traditional retail venues by Seacret Spa for the past 6 years.

These Seacret skin care products  have already generated over half-a-billion dollars in sales.

That is demonstrable demand!

Seacret Spa’s impressive sales revenues makes it clear that many already people buy, use, and find value in Seacret products.

Seacret products reflect the obvious care taken in guaranteeing its skin care products are of the highest quality.

Seacret is one of the few skin care companies that has taken the expensive step eliminating cancer-causing parafen from their products.

Yes, Seacret offers high quality skin care products that have a strong demonstrable demand.

2.  Do People Earn Money with Seacret?

Yes.  People are earning money in Seacret Direct.  

Money is being made by complete Network Marketing newbies as well as veteran star hitters.

Photo of a young latino man
Felipe Martinez Is Very Happy He Joined
Two young Latinos, 1 man and 1 woman
Joana & Valentin Are Thrilled To Be Seacret Agents
Photo of an Asian woman
In only 6 weeks, Sunny is already making $5K/week
  • “We made $21K our 3rd Month” exclaims Felipe Martinez

  • We earned over $11,000 in our 1st monthJoanna Diaz and Valentin Lopez happily declare

  • “I Earned $5K Last Week,after only 6 weeks in the business explains Sunny Sun

Yes, People Earn Money with Seacret Direct.

For more testimonials, click here.

3. Does Seacret have Solid and Reputable Leadership?

Yes.  Leadership is key to a successful company.  A scam will be quickly revealed by discovering who is guiding the company and its policies.   Are they fly-by-night people or are they well known and well-respected business people?


Photo of Moty BenShabat of Seacret
Moty BenShabat, Managing Partner
Photo of smiling Israeli man
Izhat Ben Shabat, CEO
Photo of Betty Perez, Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Training, Seacret
Betty Perez, Co-Founder & V.P of Sales and Training
Photo of Robert Meirovich, Co-Founder and President of Business Development, Seacret
Robert Meirovich, Co-Founder & President of Business Development
Hayden Daughters
Hayden Daughters, Co-founder & VP of Distributor Relations

The Leaders of Seacret include more than

Tim Herr, Seacret Direct Master Distributor
Tim Herr works hard to ensure the success of all Seacret Agents

Network Marketers.

The BenShabats built Seacret from nothing but an idea into the retail powerhouse it is today.

All in just a few years.

Seacret has also brought in Network Marketing power-hitters, such as Tim Herr, Allison Lamar, and Joshua Denne.

Seacret isn’t buiding its network marketing model on a wish and a pray.  They are using solid business expertise of building Seacreat as a retailer.  In addition they have brought into the fold successful network marketers who have the expertise to build a network marketing powerhouse.

Seacret will soon dominate the Network Marketing world.

Seacret has the products, the skills, solid leadership and the experience needed to make it happen.

When you join a business you should have no doubt about its legitimacy.

To build a successful business you need to dive right in and get to work with no hesitation or doubt.

It seems clear, Seacret Direct is a legitimate and solid young company.

Interested in learning more?

Call  253-248-4128 or use our contact form.

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4 thoughts on “Is Seacret A Scam?”

  1. I have used these products; bought from kiosk. So excited to find as biz op.
    Looking forward to working with you! (I need to sign up after work)

    Karen Sloan

  2. Karen,
    Yes, they are fabulous products. We have been buzzing about so I just saw your comment. Lynne will give you a call soon.

    I deleted your phone number from your comment so you wouldn’t get any unwanted calls.

    We look forward to working with you as well!

  3. this is a great article that i read and i love. only because it PROVES that seacret is NOT a SCAM! Me being a guy i love this product it works great! i just joined the company last month and i am from San Diego, California and we just started Seacret University down here. i cannot wait till this company blows up by each team out here!!

    great article thanks for posting this article up!! 😀

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