Allison LaMarr and Seacret

Allison LaMarr joined Seacret in April 2011.

At first she was the President of Sales & Training at Seacret.

Then, in November 2011, she resigned her corporate position to join the field.

Allison LaMarr is now a Seacret Agent.

That is how much money potential there is in Seacret.

Allison left a very generous salary and benefits of a corporate position in Seacret to join as a Seacret Agent in the field.

Allison wants to make sure she has a piece of the Seacret pie.  A pie that is rapidly being gobbled up!

Allison LaMarr: A Network Marketing Success Story

Allison was originally introduced to direct sales through a well-known billion dollar cosmetics & skin care company.

She currently holds the worldwide record of the fastest person in the company’s 45+ year history to reach their top independent position.

Allison broke multiple worldwide records in a prior company.

* Fastest to a million dollars in team sales

* Highest first year team total in company history

* Only leader in company history to gross $1M+ in team revenues EVERY year as a leader with the company

* Fastest to millionaire status in company history

She left that company to pursue other passions, such as coaching.

Now Allison has found a new passion:  Seacret

Every Network Marketing company in the world would love for Allison to join.  Most have courted her to join.

Allison Lamar chose to join Seacret.

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