Seacret Leadership includes Allison LaMarr and Tim Herr

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Seacret Direct Recruited Great Leaders

The Seacret Leadership has profound experience in both business and Network Marketing

Seacret started with Moty BenShabat and his brother Izhak BenShabat.

They quickly and solidly built Seacret Spa from nothing but an idea to over $600 Million within 6 short years.


Photo of Izhak BenShabat, CEO of Seacret Direct
Izhat BenShabat, Seacret CEO
Photo Moty BenShabat, Managing Partner of Seacret Direct
Moty BenShabat, Seacret Managing Partner

Now they are committed to the network modeling model.

Izhak BenShabat, CEO of Seacret Direct

Moty BenShabat, Managing Partner

The brothers have a deep understanding of the skin care industry.

As I mentioned, they are both very excited and enthralled with the Network Marketing/Direct Sales model.

Seacret Direct vs. Seacret Spa

Originally the brothers conceived of a network marketing division within their very successful skin care retail business, Seacret Spa.

The network marketing division was originally called,  Seacret Direct.

Within months, they decided to transform their entire $600 million dollar retail company to the Network Marketing model.

Now both Seacret Spa and Seacret Direct go by the name Seacret.

They freely acknowledge that although they have extensive knowledge as retail businessmen and in the skin care industry, they lack network marketing experience.

Excellent leadership is critical to success.

Unfortunately, the founders of most network marketing companies (especially new ones) take over the most critical leadership positions in the company.

These founders usually do not possess the skills nor the expertise that is essential to effectively and successfully guide their network marketing companies.

The Ben Shabat brothers had the sense to bring on people with extensive network marketing experience in key positions.

A Leadership Team who all but guarantees Seacret’s success – in the near and long term.

First, they founded the company with people who had comprehensive experience with Seacret Spa, skin care, and the direct sales/network marketing model.

Photo of Betty Perez, Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Training, Seacret
Betty Perez, Co-Founder & V.P of Sales and Training

Betty Perez, Co Founder & V.P of Sales and Training

Miss Betty Perez previously managed retail operations for Seacret Spa in Arizona.

Prior to her experience in management she was a national top producing sales rep for the company.

Her professional career began in direct sales starting straight out of school and where she developed a passion for the industry and also received national recognition for Top Production two years running.

Her experience in both the retail and direct sales industries are crucial to the success of Seacret Direct.

Photo of Robert Meirovich, part of Seacret Leadership
Robert Meirovich, Co-Founder & President of Business Development

Robert Meirovich, Co-Founder & President of Business Development

In the beginning of 2005, after completing his service in the Army, Robert Meirovich joined Seacret Spa,

Robert helped the Seacret Spa with their successful launch in the USA.

During his term at Seacret, Robert negotiated and fulfilled 4 national deals with the main mall developers in the USA, helping Seacret to become the largest wholesaler and distributor of Dead Sea cosmetics.

In the beginning of 2010, Robert co-founded Seacret Direct.


Photo of Hayden Daughters, Co-Founder and VP of Distributor Relations, Seacret Direct
Hayden Daughters, Co-Founder & V.P of Distributor Relations

Hayden Daughters, Co-Founder & V.P of Distributor Relations

Hayden Daughters is a seasoned professional in the Direct Sales arena with over 8 years experience in the industry,

Hayden provides the leadership necessary for success in the  field  for Seacret Direct.

He has contributed significantly to the sales development of two major companies who have now reached over $500 million in sales.

In both of these companies he was recognized as an international top producer, and has built sales organizations of thousands.

Hayden Daughters is an expert recruiter, presenter, trainer and is skilled in developing leadership.

Photo of Michal Avniel, Seacret Executive VP
Michal Avniel, Seacret Executive VP

Michal Avniel, Executive Vice President

Ms. Michal Avniel brings over 25 years of business experience to the management team.

Michal’s experience spans global finance, hi-tech, bio-tech and consumer product industries. Areas of expertise include product positioning and branding, and more.

Michal comes to Seacret Direct from the parent company Seacret where she held several positions including most recently CFO of Global Operations.

Prior to this position, Michal was the Vice President of Operations for a Phoenix based software development company specializing in encryption & enhancement technologies for the music and entertainment industry.

Michal also serves as a mentor for Thunderbird’s project Artemis; a program developed to teach entrepreneurial women in Afghanistan how to develop and run successful new business ventures.

Network Marketing Stars are Hired

Photo of Allison LaMarr, Seacret Agent
Allison LaMarr, ex-Director of Sales NOW Seacret Agent distributor

Allison LaMarr, Director of Sales

Allison LaMarr was brought on as the Director of Sales in April 2011.

She played a critical role in developing the systems and training materials to ensure Seacret’s success.

Allison LaMarr has solid marketing skills and, unlike many, she deeply understands the core principles of good marketing.

Allison wants to everyone to understand the basic principle of Network Marketing success:

“We are not in the business of changing people’s minds.

We are in the business of finding people who want to change.”

Allison LaMarr is legendary for her immense success in Network Marketing.

Allison was Mary Kay’s youngest million-dollar earner EVER

She has been incredibly successful in Amway and other network marketing companies.

The more Allison worked with Seacret, the more so enthralled she became with its potential.

So much so that in November 2011, Allison resigned her Seacret corporate position and became a Seacret Agent.

Allison is now in the Field.

She seems an astounding income potiential for all Seacret Agents.

For more go to, Allison’s Thoughts on Seacret.

Before making her transition to field work,

Allison ensured that she contributed all her attention to the excellent Seacret training and sales system.

Allison continues to be an influential leader in Seacret.

Photo of Tim Herr, Seacret's Master Distributor
Tim Herr, Seacret Master Distributor

Tim Herr, Master Distributor.

Tim Herr is on a mission to dominate the Network Marketing industry.

Tim has vowed to build Seacret Direct bigger, faster, and better than any other network marketing company  – Ever.

Tim Herr is the man to achieve that ambitious goal.

During the last 15 years, Tim has been a $100,000 a month earner in 4 different network marketing companies.

Tim Herr’s history started on February 15, 1996 when his brother-in-law brought him to presentation for a small direct sales company.   At the time he was working at Boomers, a bumper car arcade in Irvine, California.

Soon after that, Tim had the good fortune to be introduced to some some legends of the industry.

After meeting these Network Marketing legends, Tim quickly transformed himself into a serious student.

Tim Herr’s mentors changed his life and helped him realize that he could succeed.

In gratitude to his mentors, Tim concentrates his efforts to teach, train, mentor, and develop the next generation of leaders.

The Seacret Leadership is one of the many indicators that Seacret Direct is a rock solid business sure to explode with success.

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