This is Seacret Direct – in a Nutshell

street sign for Nutshell laneSeacret Is A Network Company Unlike Almost Any Other

Seacret Is Unique

  • It started with a solid and very profitable retail business.
  • Then it mixed in the Network Marketing or Direct Sales model of marketing

(Usually new Network Marketing companies start with products they just created and hope that people will buy as they figure out their distribution system & more.)

The Result?  A Stunning Success.  
So successful that the entire company is transforming itself into an ideal Network Marketing company.

Watch Hayden Daughters, Co-Founder of Seacret Direct, Briefly Describe What Happened and the “Almost Unbelievable” success

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In a Nutshell

  • Seacret Direct launched on May 14, 2011 – but it is not young.
  • It is the new Network Marketing arm of the wildly successful retailer, Seacret Spa.
    • In fact, direct sales is going so well, the entire company is currently being transformed into a network marketing/direct sales company.  Including the 100s of kiosks located in malls across America.
  • The company markets a very popular line of great skin care products that incorporate the highly acclaimed & anti-aging minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • It is in 600 locations, 31 countries, and its products are so popular that it made over 600 million dollars in its first 6 years.
    • Every day its rate of growth is exploding.  Last month alone it generated $2 million dollars in sales!
  • Seacret has all the Extraordinary Income Potential of a Just-Launched Network Marketing Company with None of the Drawbacks.
  • It has no distribution problems. Its parent company has been operating for 6 years and prides itself on getting all its  orders out within 24 hours.  Retail and Direct Sales distributors use the same excellent distribution system.
  • It is Fully Capitalized. Not many new Network Marketing companies can claim this huge business advantage.
    • Most just launched Network Marketing companies spend their first year sweating and striving to simply survive to their first birthday.
    • Some would say that Seacret Direct has unfair advantage compared to other Network Marketing ventures.
  • Its products are exactly the same as its parent company’s already very popular Skin Care products from the Dead Sea.
  • Fabulous Skin & Nail Products with a 30 second WOW factor.
  • Almost everybody loves them, and falls in love immediately after using them.
    • This WOW factor is critical to quick success in Network Marketing.
  • All the skin care products use the time-tested benfits of minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • Almost all of its products are paraben-free and all undergo rigorous quality control.
  • Products Tap into The Trend of Aging Baby Boomers AND Wellness
  • Dead Sea Salts have anti-aging properties well know even before Cleopatra’s time.
  • All their skin care products promote skin wellness. The skin is the largest organ in your body.
    • Take care of your skin and it does its job as the first line of defense of your health and wellness more effectively.

That is Seacret in a Nutshell.

Explore this site to learn more about this unique company.

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