Wanna Laugh At Money Worries?

Then, Read On…

Magician, hoops, and member of the audience
You Can Stop Your Money Worries. But Not By Magic.

But don’t bother, if you think you can stop your money worries by magic.

You will need to make an effort, a significant effort

Still reading?  Good. Then you are the person I want to talk with.

I want to tell you about something different.  

A way you can almost always make money.

And not just alittle bit of money on the side.   But lots of money.

You have probably heard something like that before.   You may have tried to do what ever you were told.

However, as I said, this is different.  

It may seem like more of the same.   But it isn’t.

It has some unique and money-making differences.  bullet of the contents of the page

It all started about 12 years ago when Izhat went to visit his brother in America.

That visit lead to the creation of a unique company.  A multi-million dollar company.

That visit led to you reading my words today.

Izhat Ben Shabat CEO of Seacret Direct

In the video below, Izhat does a great job telling his family’s life changing story. 

But before you watch his video,  I want to tell you a brief story about Izhat.

I just heard the part Izhat played in this tale myself.

My nephew hit a snag in his life.  Basically he was betrayed.  His business was stolen from him – along with all it’s money.  Alot of money.  Money he worked so hard for.

He was left with nothing; no income, no money.

He had a wife, a small baby, and another on the way.

He was being evicted.   He didn’t know what to do.

Izhat had met my nephew only a few months before.

Izhat lives in Phoenix, Arizona.   My nephew lived in southern California.

Izhat is the CEO of a mult-million dollar company.  My nephew was the captain of a sinking ship.

Izhat heard about the eviction.

uhaul moving van being loaded

Without being asked, Izhat went to California.  He personally helped to pack up my nephew’s apartment.  He hired a Uhaul moving truck and helped drive it to Phoenix.

My nephew, along with his young and growing family,
moved in with Izhat and his family.

My nephew lived with Izhat for a couple of months before he was
able to move out.

My nephew is part of this company.

The company I want to talk to you about.

In the last year, my nephew has made over $100,000 in this company.
Each and every month his income is growing.

His money worries are over.

It was all possible because of Izhat BenShabbat’s kind and caring heart.

Imagine being part of a company where the CEO truly cares about people.

You can get to know him in the video below.

In it, Izhat tells about his visit and how it caused a huge family upheaval.   And how, from that, this company was born.

Most importantly, he explains how you too can make money in this company.

Watch the video below.

[leadplayer_vid id=”53F6493B12F90″]

green push button with "become a seacret agent" on itOrange button that says Let's Talk

What do you think of the Seacret story?  I think Izhat is a wonderful man and a sincere story teller.

 One thing comes through loud and clear.

Seacret, including its CEO, is very passionate and enthusiasm about:

  • Network Marketing
  • Community Wealth-Building, andText box explaining the 2 options a reader can do now
  • Creating High-Quality Seacret Products.

Did you spot the most unique and money making difference in this network marketing opportunity?

It is their products.  

Almost every other network marketing company simply selects products to market.

They then hope and pray that people will buy them.

In addition, in order to pay for the organization and  commissions, the products must be priced higher than similar retail products.
Often the biggest buyers of network marketing products are the distributors in the company.  They buy the products hoping to re-sell them.

This is not true of Seacret.

Seacret has products that lots of people love and love to buy – over and over again.

Seacret products had a huge fan club before it ever considered the network marketing model.

Okay. So Why Are So Many People In Love with Seacret Products. 

Watch Seacret Success Coach, Joshua Denne, Explain

Seacret Products & Why They Are So Popular


close up of a man's face

Did You Listen to the Video About Seacret Products?

Amazing, huh?

My personal favorite is the Mud Soap.

bar of Seacret mud soap and it box

You gotta try it.

The suds of this very dark grey/brown soap are surprisingly soft,
but also dense in a way I have never experienced suds before.

Although the soap suds remind me a bit of the suds of a just poured pint of Guinness.

You have to try these skin care products to fully appreciate how fabulous they really are.

As I said, Seacret Direct Is Truly A Unique Network Marketing Company

Some Seacret Product

Do You Know Another Unique Thing About Seacret Direct?

Izhat mentioned it in his video.   But I’ll tell you again.

One of Seacret’s Thriving Mall Kiosks Could Easily Be In Your Business.

An astounding and profitable concept.

This means every time a Seacret product is sold at one of these kiosks, you could make money on that sale as well.

Those kiosks are being transitioned into network marketing as we speak.

I’d advise you not to wait.  Join Seacret today.

If you wait, those kiosks will likely be making income for someone else.

Not you.

Do you want some of that money?

Then you need to Join Seacret – Now!

Green push button with the word Click on it.

Click the Green Button To Join & Become A Seacret Agent.

You Have Nothing to Lose.   Seacret has a 100% 30 Day Guarantee

Orange button that says Let TalkDo You Have Questions?

Or do you want to hear about Seacret Direct from a live person.

We would love to talk with you.

Please Click The Orange Let’s Talk Button To Book An Appointment.


Piggy Bank with coins flowing in

Join And Start Generating Your Residual Income.

Residual money is what flows into your bank accounts while you are NOT working.

The money you make on your past efforts.

Residual income is what gets you the life you’ve been dreaming about.

Movie star Will Smith earns residual income every time you buy a ticket to see one of his movies.

Seacret Agents earn residual income every time one of their customers (or one of their team’s customers) orders Seacret products.

Residual Income Rocks.

Residual Income is the Ultimate Goal.

But that is not the only Seacret income stream.

How Can You Maximize Your Income?

In This Video, Multi-Million Dollar Network Marketing Earner, Josh Denne,
Explains the 5 Ways to Make Money with Seacret.


Importance of Location (Position) in Business

We all know the mantra of business success.

“Location, Location, Location!”

Location is just as important in a Network Marketing business.

The physical location is not important.

In Network Marketing, the mantra of business success is

“Position, Position, Position!”

The essential location factor in your Network Marketing business is your position in its Compensation Plan structure.

Man on top of ladder looking down

You will cut off years of work, if you can secure a position high up in the structure. Especially if you time your entry into the business right.

Position is important in every type of compensation plan.

A binary compensation plan offers the most leverage to those in a prime money-making position.

In a binary plan you can more easily benefit from the efforts of everyone on your team.

Keep in mind that many people who join a network marketing company never work their business.

In a binary plan, if someone on your team is not building his or her business, it does not negatively effect the money you and others on your team make.

The money simply skips over the lazy business person until it reaches someone who is successfully building their business.

In other compensation plan structures (e.g., uni-level), you can find yourself stranded on a uni-level  island; cut off from the money making efforts of others on the team.

Due to the “build deep” structure of the binary pay plan, the higher up in the tree (structure) you are the more money you can potentially make.

This is because the money flows up from all the people you sign up and all the people those new team members sign up.

This situation benefits everyone since those higher up in the tree are motivated to help everyone in their tree branches earn money as well.

If everyone in your team is making money, you will make more money as well.

With a binary compensation plan, it is a win-win world.


Join Seacret and Start Earning Today

You have nothing to lose.
Seacret has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


A Prime Position & Timing is Magical

One of the many reasons we are so excited about Seacret is our position in Seacret’s binary compensation plan.

It is very hard to secure a better position in the binary tree than we have.

It is almost impossible for you to secure a better money-making position.

Butterfly on Flower

That is, unless we are your sponsors.

We are only a few spots away from the Master Distributor, Tim Herr.

If you know how this works, you know it is very sweet and rare to get such a prime position in the compensation tree.

Of course, as time passes, new team members get placed lower and lower in the binary tree.

People are always going to be signing up with Seacret.

If you join now, the next Seacret Agent anyone in our team signs up could be earning you money.

Maybe even from a kiosk or two.

If you wait a month, 200 or 300 could have signed up.

Which is fine, you’ll still make money – but not the money from all those people.

If you want to secure a sweet money making spot, don’t spend too much time considering Seacret.

If you suspect Seacret is a good match for you, jump aboard Now.

Keep in mind the momentum phrase that Seacret will be entering very soon.

When a company hits its stride it tends to attract folks who really tear it up in Network Marketing.

So the sooner you sign up, the more likely you will have multiple Seacret Agent Star Performers under you – and propelling your personal Seacret business into momentum as well.

In this video, Network Marketing pro, Josh Denne, does a good job of explaining that when you join Seacret can impact your pay check.


Secure your Position in the Binary Compensation Tree

Save Your Spot Today!  Click Here 

Don’t fear regretting your decision.   Seacret has a 100% 30 day Money Back Guarantee

How Will You Make Money?

Well, in short, by working hard.

I know you didn’t want to hear that.

Or maybe you did want to hear that and you are eager to work hard to achieve your dreams.

I also know that most likely you are already working hard – probably too hard for what you are getting out of it.

Or you would be if you had a job to work hard at.   Good jobs are hard to find these days.

What Seacret provides are proven money-making products and a great business model so that all your hard work actually EARNS you money.

Not just a little money, but alot of money.  And not just money for the hours you work, but residual money.

Remember, residual money is what flows into your bank accounts while you are NOT working.

You need to close your ears to most of the “Rah Rah You Can Do It”.
“Just Believe You Can Succeed And You Will ” malarkey most network marketers bombard you with.

To Succeed, You Need to Have a Plan. A Good Plan.

A smart effective plan that you put into action.  Action that leads to income.  Not busy-work actions.

Consistent and persistent implementation of an effective business plan is the key to success in Seacret (and anything in your life).

Even if you join at the ideal time and in the best position  to make serious cash, you must effectively work your business.

If you commit to consistently working your business, you will be successful.

Why Direct Sales/Network Marketing is the Best Choice

Robert Kiyosaki photo and quoteBusiness icon Warren Buffet, Businessman Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, Extraordinary businessman Donald Trump, and many others all recognize that Network Marketing is a solid and legitimate business model.

In fact, Donald Trump, Globally renowned real estate mogul and a multi-billionaire asserts,

“If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work”

Fortune Magazine states: “The Best Kept Secret in the Business world…..Network Marketing!”

As I mentioned, Warren Buffet, a business icon, recommends the Direct Selling/Network Marketing model. In fact, he now owns 3 of them himself. The video below explains the history of direct selling and its recent boom as a home based business. This video also cites endorsements of Network Marketing by a number of highly regarded business people.


These respected business people state that a top Network Marketing company offers the best way, in many instances the only way, for people to substantially increase their incomes, especially if they want to join the ranks of the wealthy.

Who Are We and Why You Should Even Listen To Us.

I forgot to mention yet another way that this is such a uniquely awesome opportunity for you.

When you click one of those green buttons on this webpage and become a Seacret Agent,
you won’t be sponsored by only one mentor, but by three.

Three Network Marketers, with over 20 years of combined experience in the industry.

Three Network Marketers with extensive and  complimentary skills.

Let Me Introduce Your 3 Seacret Mentors 

Joshua Denne, in front of car and palm trees

Joshua Denne is highly sought after in the industry as a caring man who has network marketing wired.   He is a fantastic mentor, public speaker, and has made millions in the industry.  He is truly a force to be reckoned with.

You saw him in 3 videos above.  So you probably have some idea of Josh’s high-energy leadership style.   (If you want to see Josh in full swing, catch his “Capturing Your Dream” video below.)

The reality is, if you have Josh as your mentor, it will be hard for you not to make buckets of money.


Lynne Martin

Lynne Martin has the amazing ability to sincerely care about everyone in her organization, no matter how many there are or how an individual’s business is performing.  You can always count on Lynne to consistently check in with you and find out if you need any guidance in building your business.

Lynne has significant marketing experience.  Even before she became a Network Marketer, Lynne was very successful market research executive.  You score this wonderfully caring mentor when you join us at Seacret.


Betsy Czark in life jacket on boat

Betsy Czark is our Internet network marketer.  She really understands how to use the Internet for Network Marketing. Betsy also does Internet Marketing consulting for brick & mortar businesses. Which means she comes to the table with a diverse toolkit of online and off-line marketing tricks.

One of Betsy’s favorite parts about network marketing is it allows her to live in both Panama and the USA.  She really enjoys her life on the beach in tropical Panama.

(FYI, Betsy (me) is the person who created this site and wrote most of the words.  The three of us are also family.   Betsy and Lynne are sisters and Joshua is Lynne’s son.    We look forward to warmly welcoming you into our Seacret Direct family.)

We take the network marketing ethic that “you will only be successful when you help others achieve success” very seriously.

We work as a team, but our team is not only the 3 of us, but everyone in the Seacret family.

Enjoy Seacret Mentor, Joshua Denne, on  “Capturing Your Dreams”


You Will Get Help, Support, and Guidence

Joshua, Lynne and Betsy are here to help you develop an effective plan.

A plan that builds on your unique skills and strengths.

So many network marketers say “just do what I do and you will be successful”

But each one of us is different.

Having spa parties may be the perfect vehicle for one person, but for another it would be a complete flop.

One person is drawn to internet marketing, another cannot image spending a second more than necessary on the web.

We can advise you which methods would best fit your skill set so you can start making money as quickly as possible.

We Provide Consistent and On-going Support & Training

Joshua generously offers free training and accountability calls 4 days at week at 10 am Pacific time.

Each day new topics are discussed and you have the opportunity to ask questions about your business.

You can get the answers and guidance to help you succeed; Live, at least 4 days a week.

Seacret offers a wide range of training, support, and marketing opportunities.

  • At fantastic annual conventions, leadership summits, local meetings, a weekly company call, and more.
  • In addition, as a Seacret Agent, you will have a back office chock full of training and marketing materials.
  • Seacret even has a University.   They will teach you everything you need to know about the products and about making money by sharing the products.
  • Seacret is constantly adding to its training, support and marketing opportunities in order to help you succeed.  

30 Day Money Back Guarantee icon

Money Back Guarantee

Seacret is so confident of its rock solid business that it offers a 100%, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Which means you have nothing to worry about.  No buyer’s remorse for you!

If you become a Seacret Agent and a month later realize it isn’t working for you.


Get your full 100% refund.

Although, I highly doubt that you will ever regret becoming a Seacret Agent.

If you are working your business, within 30 days you will have made back your money – and then some!

But heck, with the guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

If you think Seacret Direct is the opportunity you have been searching for, don’t take too long thinking about it.

Timing is everything!

Now is the time to become a Seacret Agent.

It is time to start building yourself a flourishing financial future.

Make sure the next people to sign up with us are under you, instead of you under them.

And remember, you can join risk free.  Seacret has a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Do you want to talk before deciding to become a Seacret Agent, click the Orange “Let’s Talk” button.   Orange button that says Let Talk

It would be great to meet you, even if only over the phone.

Okay, Prove It To Me.

Is Anyone Making Money with Seacret Direct?

If I were you, I’d want to hear some testimonials too.

Below are the results of a few of the growing number of Seacret Agents who are making serious cash.

These testimonials were recorded at a weekly Seacret event in Phoenix Arizona in May, 2012.
(Phoenix is where the Seacret headquarters (HQ) are located.)

“Earned $5K Last Week”

Sunny had never even heard of Seacret until 6 weeks ago.
Now she loves the Company, the Products, and the Money!
Sunny shares some money-making tips in this video


“Made $21K in our 3rd month with Seacret”

Felipe shares his initial doubts about being a man in skin care

“The Company is Growing At Such An Exponential Rate, Its Almost Unbelievable”

Hayden Daughter, Co-founder, remembers the beginning and is astounded at its continual growth since then


“I Get To Learn From Some World-Class Entrepeneurs”

Steve Raymond loves being able to help out his parents out financially and to spend lots of  time with his son


My Son Can Now Get Dates!

Seacret changed her son’s face from “not pretty” to “beautiful”.  “He can get girls now!” 
Amber Murray is especially happy that her family can finally take vacations together.
Amber has had over 100 spa parties – and not 1 return.  

She gets lots of, “I want more!”



Ready to Secure Your Money-Making Position?

In this video, Joshua Explains How To Save Your Seacret Spot.   No need to take notes, I have written out the critical details below.  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

3 Easy Steps to Join Seacret!

woman getting out of car, with road sign, Financial Freedom, in view

Step 1: Become a Seacret Agent  

For only $49 you tap into a major money making opportunity

  • Buy Seacret Products at Wholesale (up to 50% savings),
  • Earn Retail Commissions
  • Get a Free Web Site to Easily Market Products to Your Customers.

Want to earn more than Retail Commissions?

Then start your Seacret Business so you can earn even more money.

Step 2: Start Your Seacret Business

There are 3 Seacret Agent business packages to chose from:

The Special Agent Package has the most earning potential.
(If you cannot afford to start at the Special Agent package, you can earn your way there as well.
Of course, that means it will take you longer to start earning significant money.)

Step 3: Select your Replenishment of $49 or more a month

You are not required to have a Replenishment.

You can earn Retail Commissions without a Replenishment (aka Autoship).

However, to make money the other 4 ways you MUST have a Replenishment.

– That is until you have at least 4 Preferred Customers.

A Preferred Customer is a customer who orders at least $49 worth of Seacret products (resulting in $35 of Bonus Value) on a consistent basis.

– At that point, your Replenishment is FREE up to $200 every 4 weeks!

Most likely, you will order more than the low $49 Replenishment anyway.

That way you will have product on hand to help to cover your customers’ demands and to help jump start brand-new Seacret Agents

Ready to Join?

Click the Green Button To Become A Seacret Agent

Click this image to Become a Seacret Agent

(Follow the trail of green buttons, or contact us to help you. We will be talking soon either way!)

Risk Free. You Have 30 Days To Change Your Mind.  Seacret has a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Once You Become a Seacret Agent, One of Us Will Call You Very Soon.

We are ready to help you:

  • Welcome you to our Seacret family as a full-fledged Seacret Agent.
  • Jump start your Seacret Direct business (and get that residual money flowing!)
  • Continue to make money together well into the future.

We welcome your questions.

If you have questions, book a time to talk to Josh, Lynne or Betsy.

Click the Orange Button Below To Book A Time To Talk

We’d enjoy getting to know you.

Click this image to book a time to talk with us

We wish you the best on your ventures, whatever they may be.

Joshua, Lynne, and Betsy

P.S. We would love to hear your thoughts about Seacret.
Please leave your comments below.



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