Image of beach with 2 empty lounge chairs. Include text about Seacret's Preferred Customer Program

Save Money As A Preferred Customer

Image of beach with 2 empty lounge chairs. Include text about Seacret's Preferred Customer Program
You Are In Control! You Even Get Your Own Free Website.

Risk Free Membership

  • No contract

  • No set-up or cancellation fees

  • 40 – 60% off retail on high-quality products

You Also Get

  • Fabulous skin care delivered to your door each month

  • Exclusive product promotions

  • Anniversary Gifts & Holiday Discounts

  • Free Products when you refer 4 or more preferred customers

  • Earn points for every dollar you spend  (see chart below for more info)

  • Ability to pause your membership

  • Free & exclusive website to order products & control your account 24/7

  • Even more perks the longer you are a preferred customer

Interested?  Its easy to become a Seacret Preferred Customer

Screenshot of page to learn more about being a Seacret Preferred Customer
Click To Learn More & To Discover Your Ideal Skin Regime

Use the tool on that link to to discover how to have your skin look its best.

You Must Pre-Order Monthly Product (Replenishment) To Save Money

  •  A Replenishment allows you huge savings over the usual retail prices*.
    • For instance, if you opt to get the popular Mineral Reinvigoration Package you pay only $55.99.  A Savings of $58.86 off retail – Which means your savings is more than your cost!
  • Your replenishment can be your 90 day regime or you can pick and choose your products individually
  • The Replenishment plan ensures you get your Seacret products delivered to your door each and every month.
  • Remember, you are not tied to your original order. You can change your order anytime you want.

* If you chose not to get a Replenishment plan, you will simply pay the retail price for your products. 

Become a Seacret Preferred Customer, Click Here.

Preferred Customer (PC) Perk Chart

Earn a point for every dollar spent
You also get more perks the longer you are a PC

Point system and Qualification for Seacret Preferred Customer Qualifications

A chart showing ranks and perks of being a preferred customer for longer

Become a Preferred Customer
Click Here

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