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You Get 3 x The Coaching and Support With Us.

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We Will Help You Fly Towards Success!

The three of us: Joshua Denne, Lynne Martin, and Betsy Czark have joined forces to help you succeed in Network Marketing.

We have very complimentary skills. It is pretty much impossible to find a single person who has fully mastered all the methods used to build a successful network marketing business.

By joining together, we offer you a much wider range of skills than a single sponsor can.

We are a stronger sponsor, a stronger leader. Most importantly, we are better able to help you achieve success.

We are also family.  Lynne Martin and Betsy Czark and Lynne’s son Joshua Denne.
  In fact, joining with us is like joining a family.

We strongly believe that by working together, by giving support and training, we can all increase our skills and our incomes together as well.

Time to introduce the 3 of us.


Joshua Denne

Joshua Denne with his daugher on shoulders
Joshua Denne with Daughter Joy

Joshua Denne is a phenomenally successful network marketer with 12 of experience in the industry. In fact, Joshua has made multiple millions during that time.   He will continue to do so. There is no stopping Josh. Seacret Direct pursued Joshua, wooing and courting him. It was an extremely short courtship.   It didn’t take Josh very long to realize that Secret Direct was the opportunity of a life time. Joshua is now not only a Seacret Direct Associate, but is also part of Seacret Direct’s leadership team. One of Joshua’s best talents is his ability to distill and convey exactly what you need to do to be a success in network marketing. As you might imagine,  Josh is in very high demand as a speaker at network marketing events.

If you want to see Joshua in action, watch this video of Joshua addressing a Network Marketing convention on the topic of  Capturing Your Dreams.

Here is  Mr. Joshua Denne, multi-million dollar MLM earner, talking about Capturing Your Dreams [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiroBrWOTp4&feature=player_profilepage[/youtube]

Lynne Martin, a Success Coach, with her sons
Lynne Martin with Her 3 Sons

Lynne Martin

Lynne is a top level and very successful market research executive; and has been for the last 20 years. She added network marketing to her resume about 5 years ago.   It was a match made in heaven.

The marketing skill set that Lynne has honed for the last 20 years, is tailored made for the network marketing industry.

Lynne’s communication skills, her ability to zero in on the needs of her market, and critically, her talent of helping her clients achieve their business goals transfer beautifully and effectively to Network Marketing.

The most important aspect that Lynne brings to the table is her genuine concern for others. Lynne is truly concerned about each and every person on her team and strives to help them in any way that she can.   Fortunately she also has the skill to do it.

Betsy Czark, a Success Coach, with daughters
Betsy Czark with 2 Daughters

Betsy Czark

Betsy is the team’s guru of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Betsy has studied under some of the best Internet Marketers today, including Internet Marketers who specialize in network marketing.  In fact, it was through her desire to advertise her network marketing opportunity that Betsy was first introduced to Internet Marketing.

By combining Network Marketing with Internet Marketing, Betsy has found much easier for to find qualified business people.

That is people who are sincerely interested in building a business and a future for themselves. Betsy absolutely adores the world of Internet Marketing and never stops adding to her knowledge.

Betsy also enjoys passing on her knowledge of Internet Marketing to others.  If you are interested in pursuing Internet marketing as part of your Network Marketing toolkit, you should talk to Betsy.

Betsy can also help you build your own website.   Contact her about building a website at betsy@trafficbeetle.com or via trafficbeetle.com.  Thanks.

Top 10 Guide Of What Not To Do

Betsy is the author of the “Fast Start Guide:  Quick Success in Network Marketing“. Not only does this guide steer you away from hitting the rocks of disaster, but as a BONUS Betsy includes a List of Resources to help you succeed.

The Guide’s List of Resources is especially valuable  for those of you who want to use Internet Marketing as part of your bag of marketing tricks.  Betsy cites some of the best sources – free and paid – that will take you by the hand and give you a solid foundation for you on-line marketing efforts.

You can get immediate access to this essential success guide.   At the top of the sidebar to your right, type in your email in the space provided.

We are very excited to be part of Seacret Direct.

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