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Seacret Compensation Plan

From Retail commissions to Fast Start Bonuses, the Seacret Direct Compensation Plan is putting more money into your pocket – NOW.

Seacret’s Comp Plan is designed to ensure that each person is financially motived to help everyone earn money.

Not only helping others once in awhile, but helping in a persistent and consistent manner.

The Pay Plan drives behavior; It makes it in your best interest to help others.

It is Designed To Turn Your Good Intention to Help Others Into Concrete Actions.

Remember, it isn’t magic or the lottery.  It is a business.

That means you must work your business effectively to make money.

If you are ready to do that, you will almost always make buckets of money with Seacret.

We Are There To Help You & Guide You.  

We have live training and accountability calls 4 days a week, hosted by Joshua Denne.

This means you can get immediate answers to questions about your business.

Right then and there.   Get support and guidance about how to overcome any obstacle in your business.

Seacret has many other resources, including a university, to help ensure your success.


But Are People Really Making Money?

Of course, the people who just sign up and do nothing are not making money.  But lots of other agents are.

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Its Risk Free

Seacret Has A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Which means you have nothing to lose.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy you became a Seacret Agent, simply request your money back.

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