How To Join Seacret

Watch The Video Below On
“How To Become A Seacret Agent” 

  • Only 4 Easy Steps to Become A Seacret Agent
  • Follow Seacret’s Simple & Structured System Of Missions And Assignments.

– How Cool Is That?
You Will Be a Seacret Agent with Missions & Assignments.

What’s In It For You?

  • Help Yourself & Others Build Wealth & Immediate Cash
  • Help People With Their Troubling Skin Conditions
  • A Fun & Rewarding Life

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Black briefcase with word, Seacret, held by a running figure

— Transform into a Seacret Agent

Click Here To Become A Seacret Agent

  • Get 40-60% OFF Retail Prices
  • Earn Retail Commissions of 30 to 150% by sales of Seacret products in person, at home, or with your free website.  Paid Weekly.
  • Get Free Website ($399 value). Your new & returning customers can easily order – and reorder – Seacret products on-line using your free & professional-looking website.  Watch the video above to get a sneak peek at your free website.  
  • Get Your Seacret Agent Launch Kit
    (The contents of which are revealed in video above)
  • Support & Training to help you achieve your goals
  • All for only $49


— Select How Fast You Want To Succeed

3 Choices: Fastest to Slowest.

1) Special Agent Set (Over $3730 Retail Value)

With this option you will make alot more money much much faster.

You will:

  • Earn 50% MORE than if you start at the Premium or Basic Set (for 1st 90 days)
  • Get every skin care product that Seacret makes – more than 1 of some of them. 
  • Recieive your 1st Mission  – with great rewards & bonuses, such as
    • Mini-ipad
    • Free products for life

Watch the video above for more about starting as a Special Agent.

To see what products you will receive with click the link below
Seacret Products in the Special Agent Package


2) Premium Set– $550.00 (Over $1320 retail value)

Most people start at the Premium set.

You can:

  • Still can succeed fast
  • Get most of Seacret’s products (except the age-defying line)
  • Recieve your 1st mission with all its rewards and bonuses
  • But, You do not get the 50% earning boost.

To see what products you will receive with click the link below
Seacret Products in the Premium Package

Watch Josh Wyles Tell His Story About Getting Started At The Premium Package

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3) Basic Set -$150.00 (Over $385 retail value)

If you want to make a big difference in your life, but you cannot swing either the Special Agent or Premuim,

basic is your option.

You can still make a lot of money and help alot  of people with the basic set, it will simply take you abit longer with abit more effort.

Seacret Products in the Basic  Package


Step 3 – Select your Replenishment

You Are Not Required To Have A Replenishment (aka Autoship) to be a Seacret Agent.

You can earn Retail Commissions without a Replenishment.

To Make Money Using the 4 Additional Ways to Earn, you MUST Have:

  • Replenishment of $49/mo (You can get this free! – see below)
  • Personally enroll 2 people who each have a Replenishment of $49/month

Seacret offers a sweet Replenishment bonus.

Once you sign up 4 preferred customers your $49 monthly Replenishment is at no charge!

(A preferred customer is a customer who enrolls for a Replenishment of $49 a month or more.)

Although you will probably be asking for a bigger Replenishment so you can have enough product on hand to help jump start new Seacret Agents and for your growing list of customers.

Step 4

Provide all the necessary details to get paid and get your Seacret products shipped to you.

Ready to Become A Seacret Agent?

 Click To Join Today!

Follow the Trail of Green Buttons

Let’s start earning together!

If you have any questions or concerns, send us a voice message!

Best wishes,

Betsy and Lynne

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