Congratulations Your Comp Plan

Seacret Direct Compensation PlanBelow is your very own copy of the Official 2014 Seacret Direct Compensation Plan.

Improved with Bigger and FASTER Pay Out (2014 version)

These Pay Out Improvements make it:

1) Simpler, Easier, and Cheaper to Join Seacret.

Go to How To Join for information about that Now

2) Fast Start Bonuses of up to $300

3) Up to $5200 a month in Fast Start and Team Executive Bonuses

4) Bigger Retail Commissions

Many network marketers will say:  don’t worry about the compensation plan just get out there and sign people up.

We totally disagree.  In order to make real money – you need to understand and leverage the compensation plan.

However, I know why they say it.   Some people get hung up on the need to completely understand the compensation plan before they ever get going. So they Never get going.

Before worrying too much about the ins and outs of the Compensation Plan, get qualified and active (!) so you can scoop up the money in your tree and not have it pass you by.

While you are building your team the compensation plan and how to work it will become clearer – but make sure you understand it so you can leverage the heck out of it.

Simply Click on this link to download the pdf:   2014 Seacret Direct Compensation Plan


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 – email

Enjoy your reading!

Betsy, Joshua, and Lynne

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