Best 5 Tips For Beautiful Skin This Winter

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Read About These 5 Easy-To-Do Tips For Soft Winter Skin

Winter weather is hard on your skin.

In many ways it is just as bad – maybe even worse -  than summer weather for your skin.

The cold, wind, and indoor heating dry out your skin more completely than the heat of the summer sun.

Do These 5 Things For Healthy Skin This Winter

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Fruits, Hot Chocolate, & Lotion All Hydrate Your Body

1) Hydrate

We tend to think that when the weather gets colder, we can drink less water.  But really, you should drink more water the colder it gets.

As you move about in the cold, you may not be sweating, but your body is still using water.  You can actually see some of your water loss happening before your eyes in the cold weather.  That is what is happening when you can “see” your breath exhalations in frigid temperatures.

Winter can also accelerate dehydration because of one of our bodies’ survival mechanisms.  To help keep us warm, the blood vessels in our body constrict.  Unfortunately, this action also causes our blood pressure to rise.  To lower it, our body tries to lower the amount of blood in those smaller blood vessels.  It does that by making you pee more often.   Which of course means that you are losing more liquids than usual.  It also helps excuse your kids when they inevitably need to go the bathroom just after you have suited them up to go out into the snow.

In addition, nothing chaps & drys out your skin as much as cold winter breezes. I know my lips cry out for lip balm in the winter.  I hardly ever feel the need to moisturize my lips in the summer.

It is especially important to take care of your skin in the winter since it is your first line of defense against winter’s ubiquitous colds and flus.

To be healthy, your skin needs to be well-hydrated, inside and out. 
This means you MUST hydrate by

  • Increasing Your Daily Water Intake
  • Intensely Moisturize Your Skin

How To Increase Your Water Intake

One rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces.  That means a 140 pound woman should drink 70 ounces of water per day.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink that much water.   Water-based foods count toward your intake quota too.

Easy Ways To Get More Water

  • Fruits & Vegetables – Fruit is an especially good source of water.
  • Enjoy Soups & Stews
  • Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • Smoothies, fruit bars or even popsicles
  • Sparkling, Flavored & Bottled Water

Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Is Hydrating

The caffeine in your coffee and tea used to be thought to be overwhelmingly dehydrating.   But new studies show that the hydrating effect of coffee and tea is greater than the dehydrating effect of the caffeine.  So your morning cup of tea and coffee counts as hydrating.

Beware of beer.  Alcohol is a big-time diuretic, therefore a beer will dehydrate you, not hydrate.  If you drink alcohol you need to increase your water intake in other ways to compensate.

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In Cold Weather, A Good Lotion Is Your Friend

You Must Moisturize

Hydration doesn’t just happen by eating and drinking.   You can hydrate from the outside as well by making sure you moisturize your skin sufficiently.

Your skin will be healthier, and it will look alot better without being red, chapped, cracked and dry.

We are big fans of Seacret Dead Sea Skin Care products on this site, so of course we have some great Seacret moisturizers to recommend.

It is important that you moisturize.  While we recommend Seacret creams, you should use which ever lotion you enjoy. 

All of Seacret’s products incorporate the amazingly rejuvenating minerals from the Dead Sea.

3 Excellent Options For Hydrating Winter Moisturizing

Seacret Intensive Moisture Night Cream has a healing and rejuvenating effect on your skin. This night cream is bursting with Dead Sea minerals so that you can replenish your skin’s lost moisture.  It also contains Vitamin A and E which are powerful anti-oxidants.   It will leave you feeling like you spent the day in a sauna.
To find out more about this fantastic night cream or to buy it, go here.

Seacret Intensive Moisturizing Face Cream has a relaxing effect on both skin and muscles. It is formulated to be used on your face during the day.   It’s also is fortified with multi-vitamins for maximum protection against free-radicals.
Learn more about this ultra-hydrating lotion, go here.

Seacret Age-Defying Refresh Vitamin-rich Moisturizer both hydrates and helps wrinkles disappear.  In addition to vitamins, this cream has unique peptides which act as an effective anti-aging agent.
To discover how this works or to buy it, visit this page.

2) Humidify

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Indoor Heated Air Also Drys Out Your Skin

Another must-have winter accessory is the humidifier.  Winter means drier indoor air.  It is a result of lower humidity outside and heating systems inside.

Humidifiers pump water into the air gently.   Your skin, including throat and nasal passages, will absorb this increase in humidity.   It is a good way to help your skin stay hydrated.

Humidifiers have a number of benefits, in addition to helping your skin

  • Easier breathing
  • Diminished chance of suffering winter ills such as colds and respiratory infections
  • Furniture and other indoor items will not dry out as much
  • Indoor air will feel warmer
  • Plants will stay fresher longer
  • Less static electricity
  • Your skin, including your mouth and nasal passages, will not be as dry

Before buying a humidifier, you may want to read the reviews on Amazon to see which ones others recommend (or which to avoid).  If you want to check humidifiers & their reviews, go here.

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You Can Take Hot Showers When You Use Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub & Body Butter

3) Avoid Hot Showers

Hot showers are good for the skin”, right? Wrong!

Hot showers wash away the natural oils from your skin a bit too effectively.  This can set the stage for some serious dry skin.  So instead of a really hot shower, take a warm shower.

It may not be your ideal shower temperature, but your skin will be both happier and healthier.

Moisturize Immediately After Bathing

No matter the water temperature, you should apply a thick moisturizing cream or ointment while your skin is still damp.  The cream adds a barrier on your dry skin, which essentially “locks in” your skin’s moisture.

Extra Measures For Hot Showers

You can compensate for the drying effect of hot showers, by using 2 super-hydrating products.  

  1. Use Seacret Salt and Oil Scrub during your shower or bath
  2. Apply Seacret Body Butter right after you bathe while your skin is still damp. 

The Salt and Oil Scrub seems to magically moisturize your skin.  Your skin will stay soft and supple for days after enjoying its gentle exfoliation and moisturizing actions.
You can find out more & buy this amazing scrub here.

The Body Butter enhances the hydration action and helps seals your skin’s moisture. The Body Butter has a nourishing blend of vitamins, herbal extracts, natural oils, Shea and Cocoa butters .  It feeds your skin with what it needs to feel and look its best.

Discover the all natural ingredients of this super-hydrating body butter here.

4) Exfoliate Your Damaged Skin

Another reason to use the salt and oil scrub is that it exfoliates.  Your body naturally sheds old skin and replaces them with freshly regenerated skin.

Although this process happens naturally, you can speed it up.  Exfoliating stimulates new skin cell growth giving you soft and fresh looking vibrant skin.

Exfoliate for Healthy Glowing Skin

Exfoliation is considered one of the most important techniques that you can perform on your skin for healthy and glowing skin.

Seacret Salt and Oil Scrub is especially effective winter-time exfoliating product.

  • Super moisturizer
  • Dead Sea salts & minerals have proven skin rejuvenation and regeneration properties

The Salt & Oil Scrub is enriched with Dead Sea minerals to gently exfoliate dry skin to stimulate cell renewal.  It also has refreshing blend of natural Linseed & Seasame oils to moisturize your skin for a healthy, rejuvenated glow.
To find out more and to buy this magical scrub, visit this page.

A Simple Exfoliating Test

How can you tell if you need to exfoliate?

  • Take a piece of clear tape and apply it to your forehead
  • Rub it gently, remove
  • Look at the tape
  • Are there little pieces of flaky skin on the tape?
  • Yes?  Then you need to exfoliate!

5) Take Extra Care of Your Hands & Feet

Your feet and hands have fewer oil glands than the rest of your skin.  That is why they are often dryer than the rest of your skin.  Winter simply exacerbates the problem.  This is especially true of your hands since they are often exposed to the cold and wind.

Seacret has some wonderful hand and foot creams to give them the extra care and attention they need.

My husband keeps a tube of Seacret Hand Lotion both in his car and on his night stand.  He is currently remodeling our house so he is always working with his hands.   He swears by Seacret hand lotion for keeping his hands from getting dry and chapped.

Like all Seacret products, its Hand Cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals.  It also contains Orange Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Vitamin A & E.  These combine to refresh and provides long lasting moisture to your skin.
To find out more and buy Seacret Hand Cream, go here.

Seacret foot cream has the added kick of Tea Tree oil.

Why Tea Tree Oil:

1) Natural anti-microbial protection

2) Penetrates more deeply down into the layers of your skin, allowing peak moisturizing.

The foot lotion also contains Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E.  Together these ingredients not only gently moisturize and soften, but also beautify and protect feet.
To find out more & to buy Seacret Foot Cream, go here.

The secret is in giving your body the moisture it needs.

Stick to these 5 tips and your skin will have a
healthy, soft, smooth & happy winter.

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